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Paying for CPS based on performance: Commission only when conversions occur.
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Dedicated Support:
Personalized assistance for a seamless experience.
Influencer Management:
Automate, track, and scale campaigns hassle-free.
Product Seeding & Payments:
Track sample logistics status and manage commission payments and settlements.
Content Tracking:
Effortlessly manage influencer content with our media library.
Reporting & Analytics:
Achieve data transparency and real ROI insights.
Optimization Hub:
Streamline affiliate and influencer programs.
Effortless Campaigns:
Create, track, and organize with ease.
Not only will you see a significant boost in your selling performance, but you'll also be eligible to reap the rewards of Amazon's official Brand Referral Bonus (BRB) program.
Imagine earning a whopping 10% of your eligible sales attributed to Amazon (beta) – it's like hitting the jackpot for American sellers and brand owners!
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